C3 Rockingham's Impact and Risk Management of Coronavirus

What’s Happening:


The current outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has attracted significant media attention.


There are currently reports of families self-isolating in the City of Rockingham region due to their exposure to an individual recently diagnosed with the Corona Virus from overseas travel.


As of 10 March, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the City of Rockingham region. 


What’s the Impact?


C3 Rockingham is committed to following health guidelines from local, state & federal government departments as they are released.


Currently, all services and activities (including playgroup, 56 club,  C3 Youth & Connect groups) will continue as normal.


What Action do I need to take?


1. Follow the recommendations of the Department of Health, which you can read here

2. Keep looking after your physical & spiritual health.  

3. If you have been exposed to a confirmed case or diagnosed with Corona virus and been to C3, please contact the office on 9524 5055


Where can I get more information?


Any changes regarding services or activities will be communicated via social media, text message & the website.


Please seek medical attention should you be experiencing any symptoms

Tel: 9524 5055

5 Stockton Road, Port Kennedy 

WA 6172 Australia

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